Sebright Update - October 2020


Taslima 5B - I love Sebright it is soo fun I will miss it when I go😁😭

suab - Wow impressive

Natasha 4S - I wish that lockdown would finish and life would be normal again and we can see each over normally so that counts touching, playdates, sleepover’s and all of the fun stuff is shut

Lileeva 4s - I LOVE Sebright when I go to secondary I will miss this school so much!

Israel - I love this place 😎

simi year 6 - I missed everyone

Dilara year 8 - I miss primary school so muchhhh! 😭

Lauren year 7 - Omg I miss you guys so much I miss my old friends in year 6 and the amazing teachers 💙

Muntaha 3k - I love Sebright primary school

Samiha 4s - Sebright is the besttttttt

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