Parents Association

Chairs: Sam and Margo
Deputy Chair: Tim
Treasurer: Sally

Sebright Parent and Staff Association (PSA) is the coming together of parents and staff of Sebright Primary to raise funds to enhance the education and experience of all Sebright pupils. Money raised via PSA events is used to help pay for a range of school activities, from excursions and one off experiences, to providing professional development for teaching and non-teaching staff, as well as helping to upgrade the school and its surroundings.

Alongside fundraising, a key aim of Sebright PSA is to build a stronger school community, with events throughout the year that are focused specifically on bringing Sebright families together.

Sebright PSA is committed to celebrating the diversity of our school - it is one of our many strengths of our school community and we’re proud of it.

If you have any ideas on how to raise funds, or otherwise help build the community, please feel free to approach any of the SPA committee members if you see them in and around the school or attend one of our regular meetings the first Friday of each half term at 2:30pm. We are always looking for help in planning or delivering events - so please do get involved! Everyone is welcome.

Upcoming Events

Easter Egg Hunt April 2020
Film Club 26th April 2020
Great Sebright Bake Off – Summer term
Sebright Summer Fair – Summer term


The AGM will consider adopting this constitution at our meeting on 3rd April.

Model Constitution

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