Nursery - April 2019

Easter Time has been amazing.

Before the holidays, we continued to talk about the changes in our environment due to spring. We explored the playground to see these changes and looked at Year1’s cocoons. We also looked at why we celebrate Easter in England and what children do at this time of the year. Therefore we spoke about the Easter Bunny and the chocolate eggs. We even had an Easter hunt but with a twist. We had to find coloured paper eggs with a letter at the back in the playground and write these letters on a special paper to find out the secret word.

On our return to school, we have had a short but busy week. We welcomed a new girl to the class and talked about what we did at home during the break.
We also learnt to describe the weather and did a lot of role-play.

Finally as the end of the year is approaching quickly, we are now much more focussed on our speaking and writing skills and do a lot of practice.

Teachers in the class are encouraging parents to do the same at home as well as reading and speaking to their child as much as possible to give them a boost before starting reception (for the ones going there in September).


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