Sebright Bake Off 2019

Congratulations to our winners!


Sumeya 5P - Wow! All cakes were delicious!❤❤😆

Eliana 5P - I liked Olivia's cake the most because it was representing the school!!
Also everyone else's cakes looked tremendous. Well done people of the school!!!

Ethan - That was yummy😀😀

Murat - Hi

Murat 4I - Well done to the winners of the Sebright Bake Off! WELL DONE

Aaliyah 5P - All the cakes looked delicious! It must be hard deciding who is the winner. I also bought some cake.

Ayas4i - That was so tasty yum🍪🥧

Dilara 6P - Well done to every one that joined to the Sebright bake off hope you had a great time baking .

Simi - All of you are great at baking and you were all great even if you didn't

diana - I really like all the winner cakes. They are all awesome!

chisom 3k - well done everyone those cakes and biscits.

Dilara 6P - They all look brilliant! Well done guys👍

Lauran 5L - They were lovely

Mr Green - Wow! These look amazing! A big thank you to all those that took part.

Mrs Bird - Thank you everyone, we raised just over £400.00

Gradie 6S😀 - OMG. The cakes look amazing. Well done to everyone who took part. And a big WELL DONE the overall winner.GO SEBRIGHT!🌍👬👭

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